Gifts for the new baby

Mister Rogers brings discarded pieces of wood to build with and gets a splinter, which he removes. He talks about how all children have accidents and worries. In the back yard, Mister Rogers is sanding the blocks when Bob Trow stops by with a drawing he made of King Friday’s castle. Mister Rogers has the idea to send the drawing as a present for the newborn Prince Tuesday. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, gifts for the Prince are arriving from all over the world. Lady Elaine is jealous of the many presents being delivered for Prince Tuesday. Joey Hollingsworth arrives with a gift for the Prince as well as one for everyone else in the Neighborhood — including Lady Elaine. She says she is better than the baby and deserves the gifts. Lady Aberlin explains that Lady Elaine is older and better able to deal with her feelings of jealousy. Lady Elaine is happy to get a gift that is just for her. Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about the lonely feelings that Lady Elaine might have been feeling. He concludes by singing A Lonely Kind of Thing.