Getting to know Robert Troll

Mister Rogers puts on an academic robe and hood. He talks about sometimes being able to tell what a person’s job is by what he wears. Chef Brockett makes cookies shaped like a “T” for Robert Troll. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chef Brockett gives cookies to Daniel, Mrs. Frogg, Henrietta, X, Corney, and the Trolley. He gives one to Robert Troll, who is very appreciative. Corney and Robert Troll have a conversation, although Corney is unable to understand him. Gloria Onque, one of Sara Saturday’s teachers, is looking for Robert Troll. Henrietta Pussycat asks her if Sara Saturday and the king are going to be married. The wise lady doesn’t know the answer. X tells her how to make an appointment with the king. The wise lady wants to meet with the king in order to get to know him and learn where Robert Troll is. King Friday asks the viewer where the troll is. He is behind X’s tree. The wise lady finds Robert Troll there.