Fly away rocking chair

Mister Rogers shells some peas and sings “Children Can.” He visits Brockett’s Bakery to watch Eva Kwong’s grandmother make Chinese dumplings with sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. She gives Mister Rogers two meatless dumplings to take home. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin is helping Queen Sara with her balcony cover. Edgar Cooke is looking for Chef Brockett who is to help him cover his refrigerator. Cornflake S. Pecially shows Lady Aberlin a horse cover he has made for one of his rocking chairs. Chef Brockett shows her the refrigerator cover he has made for Edgar : it looks like a chef’s hat and says “Not Hot” on it. On the way to the Museum-Go-Round, Corney’s rocking-chair/horse flies away from Lady Aberline. Henrietta suggests ringing her bell, which is covered with a pea pod. The horse/chair comes closer, but not enough to catch. Lady Aberline hurries to the castle to seek help, leaving Henrietta ringing the bell to keep the horse/chair close by. Mister Rogers hides a tiny bell in one of his empty pea pods, and counts the number of peas in another.