Fishy phenomena

Mister Rogers shows his TV neighbors his fish and then his friend Sylvia Earle’s fish, which he also has for the day. Sylvia stops by and sets up some equipment so that Mister Rogers can hear the fish. She explains that fish make noises. Then Sylvia shows a video Mr. McFeely dropped off called “Under Water Sounds of Fish.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mayor Maggie and King Friday are talking about the drumming noise coming from Henrietta Pussycat’s and X the Owl’s tree. Lady Aberlin shows up dressed as a fish and King Friday tells her she must get Henrietta and X the Owl to stop making noise. Bob Dog shows up and stops all the noise that is coming from Henrietta’s and X’s tree. Lady Elaine Fairchilde tells Lady Aberlin that X the Owl and Henrietta are with her because they are scared, but she will not say why they are scared. Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about how some TV shows are scary, but that every scary TV show can be turned off.