Dogs and vacuum cleaners

Mister Rogers demonstrates how a vacuum cleaner works. Mr. Aber shows up and asks if he may borrow the vacuum cleaner. Mrs. McFeely calls to invite Mister Rogers to come over and see some puppies that she is watching for a neighbor. Later, Mister Rogers talks about how when he needs help, he will ask for it. Then Mister Rogers goes to see the puppies the McFeely’s are taking care of. Mister Rogers shows a video entitled “Different Kinds of Helpers.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday and Prince Tuesday are looking at the stars. Prince Tuesday asks King Friday to help him write a poem about the stars, but King Friday says that a prince should never ask for help. Queen Sara Saturday offers to help Prince Tuesday, but he tells her no. Bob Dog stops by with his toy puppy Christopher Jose. Neighbor Aber is vacuuming, and he stops by Lady Elaine’s and Daniel Striped Tiger’s homes. Both Lady Elaine and Daniel seem to be upset by Neighbor Aber’s vacuuming.