Different kinds of toys

Mister Rogers visits a toy factory and watches a toddler’s wagon being made from plastic. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, a package containing a bicycle arrives for Prince Tuesday. H.J. Elephant asks King Friday for a key that will open any door. He wants to give it to Neighbor. Aber as a present. The King asks H.J. to deliver the message, “Life is good,” to Prince Tuesday at school. In the classroom, Neighbor Aber shows Ana, Prince, and Daniel different kinds of toys. He explains that in Make-Believe anything is possible, and toys can be real. H.J. Arrives and delivers the message. Tuesday thinks that it must have something to do with the bicycle he has been wanting. Ella Jenkins shows Mister Rogers some tops from her collection. Mister Rogers says that life is good when you can visit with people you love and have a good time with them.