Mister Rogers brings in a handmade cover for something, but doesn’t say what it is for. Mr McFeely guesses that it is a cover for the trolley.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Queen Sara and Lady Aberlin search for the crown. The trolley wears its cover. King Friday asks about his crown. Lady Aberlin asks Lady Elaine for help. She inverts then uprights the neighborhood. At the school, Ana, Daniel and Tuesday discuss their costumes with Chuck Aber and Harriett Cow. Lady Aberlin arrives and Tuesday asks about the crown. No news. Back at the castle, while Handyman and Lady Elaine are discussing the missing crown, Trolley arrives with it. Mister Rogers goes to visit the Boys’ Choir of Harlem. Dr. Turnbull, its director, talks about the choir and the roll of music in his life. He credits his music teacher with much of his success. He and Mister Rogers visit a piano class, where the importance of practice and different types of pianos are discussed. Different sounds are demonstrated. They visit the wardrobe room where the costume designer says she always loved to dress up. The boys sing again in ruffs and robes.