Mister Rogers arrives with a puzzle in the shape of a ball that Robert Trow has lent him. After Mister Rogers dismantles the ball and counts the parts, he reassembles it. Mister Rogers then visits Robert Trow and plays counting games with him using flash cards. At Bob Trow’s shop, Bob and Mr. Rogers play rhyming games with number flash cards. Mister Rogers names words that rhyme with the numbers. Mister Rogers returns home and plays more of the rhyming game. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Bob Dog finds Lady Elaine’s boomerang and takes it to Cornflake S. Pecially. Lady Elaine becomes angry that Bob Dog will not return the boomerang when she rudely asks for it. Cornflake persuades Lady Elaine to ask Bob Dog politely. At the boomerang contest, Robert Troll, Chef Brockett, Barbara Boomerang, and Donkey Hodie practice throwing the boomerang. Lady Elaine’s boomerang fast throw wins her first place. Barbara Boomerang crowns herself the Contest Queen. Lady Elaine becomes angry that she is not queen, but is content with being first.