Big hats and small hats

Mister Rogers enters the set carrying little and big suitcases. Inside the little suitcase are little hats and inside the big suitcase are big hats. Mr. McFeely shows up with a photo album full of pictures showing each neighbor wearing a different hat. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Betty Templeton is worried because she tried to show her new hat to Lady Elaine Fairchilde, but Lady Elaine wasn’t there. Lady Aberlin tells King Friday that Lady Elaine has a helicopter named yo-yo. King Friday tells her to do her yo-yo guard job and get rid of it. There is a hat that seems to be yo-yoing from the sky. When Bob Dog finally grabs hold of the hat he is carried off into the sky. Sent back down from the helicopter is a request for help from Handyman Negri in the form of sheet music. Back at the house, Maggie Stewart is helping Mr. McFeely with his deliveries and shows up with a movie entitled “How People Make Grape Jelly.”