Bicycles and Tricycles

Mister Rogers shows a small model of a bicycle that Bob Trow made. Mr. McFeely delivers a model of a tricycle. Mr. McFeely’s bicycle is being fixed at the repair shop. Mister Rogers explains the prefixes “bi” and “tri” and the word cycle. Mister Rogers visits Mr. Davison’s Bicycle Repair Shop where he watches Mr. Davison fix Mr. McFeely’s bicycle. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Bob Dog is fearful of all moving wheels. He barks at Mr. McFeely’s bicycle and the trolley’s wheels. Mr. McFeely delivers a baby carriage to the castle for the expected new baby. Bob Dog barks at the moving wheels on the carriage. Back with Mister Rogers, Bob Trow invites Jay Wik over to show Mister Rogers his unicycle. After Jay rides the unicycle, Mr. Trow and Mister Rogers attempt it.