Audrey the duck puppet

Mister Rogers arrives and shows pictures of his family. Mister Rogers shows different puppets and how they work. Mister Rogers explains that puppets may be used to express feelings. Mister Rogers waits on the porch for Susan Linn who brings her special puppets. With puppet Audrey Duck, Susan talks about alternatives to dealing with feelings. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, X the Owl introduces Audrey and Susan around the neighborhood. Baby Ana is startled when she sees new faces, and cries. Henrietta is hiding from X and his guests. Lady Elaine introduces herself to Susan and Audrey. Henrietta works up the courage to meet them. Mr. McFeely delivers a message that the king wants them to visit. Back at the house, Susan shows her first puppet, makes a puppet out of a sack, and explains how to do ventriloquism.