All about x-rays

Mister Rogers examines the zipper on his sweater and shows how it works. He shows an x-ray image of his chest, and a film about being x-rayed. Mister Rogers asks his viewers to pretend they are having an x-ray taken and that they are taking the x-ray. Mister Rogers talks about being prepared for new experiences by knowing how they work and he states that no one can read anyone else’s thoughts. Bob Trow arrives with a model of Bob Dog. He and Mister Rogers talk about Bob Dog being frightened. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Bob Dog is frightened by Lady Elaine’s fantasy of wild animals in the King’s zoo. Lady Elaine tells Corney that the animals may be kept inside the castle. Corney, Lady Elaine, and Bob Dog ask King Friday if the secret is a zoo. King Friday says no. Lady Elaine doesn’t believe him and tries to read his mind. Lady Aberlin arrives and tells Lady Elaine that nobody can see inside people’s heads. King Friday promises to reveal the secret Monday.