A Visit with Susan Linn and her Puppets

Mister Rogers explains that he doesn’t live in a TV. People don’t live in the telephones either. Mister Rogers returns his TV to Susan Linn at Betty Aberlin’s little theater. Susan pretends that the puppet Audrey wishes they had a larger television. Susan explains that they could only afford the little TV and that wishes don’t bring things. Audrey fears that her friends won’t come to visit her because her television set is so small. Susan explains to Audrey that her friends like her for herself not for her belongings. Susan shows that Catalion and Audrey are puppets. Mister Rogers says the people who are the most fun to play with are the ones with the best ideas. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Audrey Duck is showing King Friday XIII her new TV. The king asks Handyman Negri to make him a color TV. Audrey suggests they find a color TV kit that Handyman Negri can assemble. Handyman Negri orders a color TV kit. Handyman Negri tells the trolley that King Friday is paying 250 for a TV, and that if Handyman Negri were to buy a TV that expensive, he would pay a little at a time.