A visit with orcas

Mister Rogers hangs a fish mobile then goes to see some orcas. He talks with their trainers and watches them swim and play.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Miss Paulificate hangs a crown mobile, a gift for the king and queen, in front of the palace. Queen Sara, Miss P., Lady A., and Henrietta all receive invitations from Lady Elaine Fairchilde to learn how to dance at the Always Happy Dance Studio. Mr. Aber cannot find the Dancerockit, so sales have not been good. He and Lady Aberlin go to the Museum-Go-Round to find that Lady Elaine Fairchilde took the Dancerockit because she assumed that Corney had designed it for her. Lady Aberlin explains that the chair had not been meant for Lady Elaine, but she decides to continue to borrow it anyway. Lady Elaine says males weren’t invited to the studio because they don’t dance. Mister Rogers shows a video of different, colorful fish swimming in a tank and comments that many creatures like to dance. He says some fish look fancier on the outside, and sings “Everybody’s Fancy.”