A visit with Eric Kloss

Mister Rogers talks about his friend, Eric Kloss, a musician who is blind. He plays a cassette of Eric’s work and talks about visiting him later. He says we learn many things by being curious and wondering, then sings “Did You Know?” He explains what a field trip is. Mister Rogers visits Eric Kloss, who explains how a reading machine works. Eric demonstrates how the machine reads a letter and poem and that it can speak in nine different voices. The poem is about being the best at whatever you are. John Costa and Eric show Mister Rogers their jazz workshop and perform an instrumental of “Let’s Think of Something to Do.” Mister Rogers says he is grateful for the people he knows and that we are all teachers and learners. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Edgar Cooke asks Prince Tuesday to show the students how to make good foods on their field trip. The prince explains to the king that the purpose of the field trip is to visit people in the neighborhood in order to learn what they do. Mayor Maggie asks Cornflake to show his manufacturing business. Maggie and Chuck Aber visit Lady Elaine. Mr. Jones has invented a learning machine which Lady Elaine feels would be more efficient than field trips and teachers. Mayor Maggie suggests including the children in the decision making, then goes to ask the students what they would prefer to do.