A visit to the aviary

Mister Rogers talks about his friend, David Ford, who is an ornithologist. He pastes David’s picture into his photo album and shows other pictures of his friends while he sings “You Are Special.” He goes to the aviary to visit David who is taking a census of the birds who live there. They discuss special features of different birds, such as a Mandarin Duck and a Crown Pidgeon, then feed some of them. Mister Rogers says a soap opera is a kind of play, and that people often have very good ideas about the things they love. He feeds the fish, says it is important to take care of things like fish and birds that need your care, and sings “I’m Taking Care of You.” He says letting people take care of you is another way of showing love.  In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is trying to get his birds to perform a special dance and scolds them for not trying hard enough. Queen Sara and Mayor Maggie tell the birds that they are talented, and they perform very well. Maggie takes Mimus to visit Lady Elaine who shows them pictures of things she loves, like veggie burgers, little boys and girls, and picnics. Included are several pictures of herself in different costumes and poses. They talk about producing a soap opera and Lady Elaine’s desire to be a heart-throb. Robert Troll is bird watching and says he would like to be an usher. Robert talks to X, who is holding an orange, a favorite food of his. Robert calls for Troglodytes Aedon at the castle, but King Friday appears and complains that everyone is playing rather than doing serious work of state.