A visit to Colonial Williamsburg

Mister Rogers demonstrates how a small, hand-held sewing machine works. He says machines are not toys and you need to be very careful. He comments that people invent machines and can think of wonderful things and then do them. He visits the Colonial Williamsburg Millinery shop where Jennay Whitaker shows him some clothing from the past, all made by hand. She says many were fastened with pins or buttons. Mister Rogers tries on several items of old clothing, including a couple of wigs and a three-cornered hat. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri and Miss Paulificate talk with King Friday about his rule that everyone must wear a “three-cornered one.” Betty Templeton Jones asks Handyman Negri to play the song “My Hat it Has Three Corners” but to change the words to “My Scarf it Has Three Corners” in order to include Lady Elaine. Lady Elaine puts on a wig to be a “big wig.” Lady Elaine, Mayor Maggie, Betty, and Handyman go to talk with King Friday. Because her scarf has three corners, he compromises and lifts the rule. Mister Rogers says that both Lady Elaine and King Friday were competing to be the most important, and says that it is not much fun to be with people who fight to be the most important. He says everybody has something special inside them and nobody is more important than anybody else. He sings “You Are Special,” and reads the book “Hats, Hats, Hats” which describes the great diversity of hats there are in this world.