Playing the accordion

Mister Rogers tries on a homemade paper crown and says that people, animals, and plants grow through kindness. He answers a wrong number and talks about kindness on the phone. He looks up “accordion” in the dictionary, which also contains a picture of one. Guy Klucevsek plays his accordion and talks about how he learned to play and express his feelings through playing. Guy plays part of “Scenes From a Mirage,” which he composed. Mister Rogers says kindness is an inside thing and it makes no difference whether a person is large or small on the outside. He sings “It’s You I Like.”In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Cousin Mary and X are watching the king. Betty Templeton and Carrie Dell arrive unexpectedly, and the king objects to the presence of the baby. They leave for Someplace Else. X describes the behavior he has just observed. The king begins to practice his welcome speech but is interrupted by Lady Aberlin, Miss Cow, and the children who arrive with their musical instruments. The king says their music is not good enough. Sir Thomas Tune arrives, attracted by the music. He says its very important to try.