A visit from Mime Walker

Mister Rogers names the parts of a model train set and counts the tracks. He asks his viewer to pretend they are a train while he plays music on the piano. Mime Walker arrives and mimes being a train. Then Mister Rogers asks Mime Walker to mime different feelings. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mime Walker visits Daniel as he dusts his clock numbers. Daniel tells Mime Walker that King Friday and Queen Sara have a secret, but nobody knows what it is. Lady Elaine is fearful that the King’s secret is the planning of a zoo with wild animals that will eat all the restaurant’s food. While Lady Elaine and X the Owl hide all the pies, Mime Walker visits with King Friday. The king tells Mime Walker the secret with the instructions that he must not tell anyone. When Mime Walker returns to Lady Elaine he indicates the secret is about a baby. Lady Elaine assumes that this means baby animals.