A snorkeling trip with Sylvia Earle

Mister Rogers shows swim fins, a wet suit, a snorkel, and a mask. He puts on the fins, mask, and snorkel, explaining how they work. He recalls his snorkeling trip with Sylvia Earle. They talk for awhile on a boat, meet Bob and Cindy, their guides, then go snorkeling. They enjoy seeing many different kinds of fish and sea creatures, then talk about learning about the beauty and diversity of the oceans and the importance of keeping them clean. Mister Rogers says that people who care about the earth and try to keep it safe for everyone are his heroes. He shows pictures of different kinds of angel fish and emphasizes the beauty of their differences. He sings “It’s Alright to Wonder.” Mister Rogers feeds the fish, talks about the importance of clean water, and sings “Everybody’s Fancy.” He says people should look for what is fine in others, which helps us care for each other. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, there are fans and garbage cans everywhere. Lady Aberlin meets New Goat and Old Goat from Northwood. They are tired and take naps. Lady Elaine first suggests throwing the garbage in the ocean, then suggests airing their problem on the television program “Universe Today.” King Friday agrees. Mr. Aber, who has just been snorkeling, says that the oceans are too beautiful to dump garbage in them. The goats wake from their nap, and Miss Paulificate arrives with a tiny TV. On the TV, Patrice King Brown, the host of “Universe Today,” reports on the garbage problem and tells everyone to tune in next time when she and her guests, King Friday and Lady Elaine, will search for solutions.