A kitten named Jimmy

Mister Rogers brings a kitten named Jimmy and shows a film of his birth. He talks about his grandfather letting him watch kittens being born and then sings “Did You Know?”. Mr. Rogers talks about dreams and reality, then makes up tunes at the piano that he encourages his audience to dance to. May Sarton comes to talk about writing poetry. She reads two of her poems about a gentle cat and love. Chris De Vinck joins them and talks about poetry and his memories of being read to as a child. Mister Rogers says playing is a way of being creative and a way of thinking about your feelings. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Neighbor Aber puts on the King Friday cover and fools the King and Queen. The King is pleased and, after several tries, finally guesses who it is under the cover. Aberlin and Aber make up a dance. When they approach Daniel Tiger, he is fearful that if they touch him he will suddenly grow into a huge ferocious tiger. He is afraid of becoming big too fast. Neighbor Aber and Lady Aberlin talk to Daniel and ease some of his fears.