“A Grandad for Daniel” Opera

Mister Rogers talks about absent grandparents. Today is the day of the opera, “A Grandad for Daniel.” It is Grandparents’ Day, and Daniel is searching for a grandfather. Mr. Mefford, a former straw salesman, arrives. He and Daniel ride the Trolley that Daniel’s mother drives. Their first stop is the aquarium where Mr. Mefford meets a Star Fish. The Star Fish joins Mr. Mefford, Daniel, and his mother for a trolley ride to the police station where Officer Clemmons hums and blows bubbles through a straw. Daniel cries as he wonders if his grandfather is thinking about him. They continue on the trolley to the jungle where Daniel’s father is polishing. Mr. Mefford and the Star Fish plan to wed. Daniel’s father discovers that Mr. Mefford is his father, so Daniel has a grandfather. Mr. Mefford takes everyone on a trolley ride around the world, except for Officer Clemmons who has work to do.