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Painting Portraits

Mister Rogers plays with a dump truck. He fills it with blocks then dumps them. He builds and proclaims the benefits of practice. Mr. McFeely arrives with a portrait of Mrs. McFeely. Mr. McFeely and Mister Rogers visit Bob Trow, who is working on a portrait of Mr. McFeely. Bob Trow describes the process of portraiture and praises practice. Back home, Mister Rogers advocates art, then does some fingerpainting. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Robert Troll is painting a portrait of King Friday holding his bird Mimus Polyglottos. Lady Aberlin compliments Robert Troll and the king asks him to do another as he holds his other bird. The king suggests that everyone in the neighborhood copy the painting. Robert Troll and Lady A. retort that copying a painting is not art; real art comes from inside. King Friday orders everybody to do a painting of him. Lady A. spreads the word and reports that the others will try. Robert Troll says it is the trying which counts. The King can’t get enough and wants more.

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