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Decrying the crying baby

Mister Rogers is talking about loud sounds and quiet sounds when Mr. McFeely arrives with a pair of sound-reducing earmuffs. Picture Picture shows a film of different things that people wear on their ears. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine and the queen’s nurse are tired of hearing Prince Tuesday cry. Lady Elaine puts on sound reduction earmuffs after suggesting that the king and queen send the baby back. The nurse explains that parents love their children even if they cry. At the castle, Nurse Miller talks with Dr. Bill Platypus about the patience involved with caring for a new baby. Lady Elaine threatens to turn the castle upside down if the baby does not stop crying. Thankfully, Prince Tuesday’s crying stops and King Friday suggests everyone take a thirteen second nap. Mister Rogers says that babies cry because they cannot communicate by talking.

Episode 1121   |   1970
Episode 1121: Decrying the crying baby
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