Cornflake S. Pecially

“I’m a Man who Manufactures” (1992)
“I’m a Man who Manufactures” (1992)
Corney pinches his finger (1971)
Corney talks about his work (1985)

Cornflake S. Pecially, known as “Corney,” owns the factory where he manufactures lots of things.


Cornflake S. Pecially lives and works in his Rock-it Factory next to King Friday’s castle. Most of the products he manufactures are “Rock-its.” They are rocking chairs – sit in it and “rock it.” As an innovative entrepreneur, he produces them in all different sizes, colors and materials, including some with umbrellas for a rainy day and magical ones that can float in the air. Corney also takes orders for other items like King Friday dolls and baseball bats. In his eagerness to please and produce, he sometimes becomes overwhelmed and needs help understanding his limits. 



Did you know?

“Cornflake S. Pecially” was named for the cereal “corn flakes” which one of Fred Rogers’ sons “especially” liked.  

I’m a man who manufactures,
Who manufactures chairs.
I’m a man who manufactures
Chairs and every wares.
I’m a man who manufactures.
Cornflake S. Pecially